Commercial Work



Jack Mergist is a director, actor, and musician based in Provo, Utah. He started acting in film and TV at a young age appearing in the films Partners in Crime (2000) with Rutger Hauer and Disney's Luck of the Irish (2001). A graduate of the BYU School of Music, Jack has recorded several solo albums and has performed with several bands including The Lunatic, The Strike, and John Allred.


As a director, Jack carved out a niche directing creative product explainer videos. Jack's commercials have garnered a collective 200 million views and climbing on Facebook and YouTube. He conceived and directed the Purple Mattress Sasquatch campaign, and has also directed videos for brands, Mattel, Dreamworks, McAfee, Jane.com, Owlet, and many others.


Jack is a two-time winner on the Filmquest film festival, having acted and co-directed the short films Strange Brood (2016) and Switched (2017). He still loves acting and has appeared in videos collaborating with Blizzard entertainment, Nintendo, and Lucasfilm. In 2018, Jack was recruited by Cosmic Pictures as Showrunner for the new BYUtv comedy documentary series Making Good. Jack was brought in to help craft the creative direction of the series and produce a pilot that helped Cosmic land a 10 episode season premiering on BYUtv in the spring of 2019. Jack also enjoys cooking--like--a lot.