The Octocopter is Alive!

A few months ago Cosmic procured a new toy…. the Octocopter.  Tom has been gleefully learning how to use it with a very cool camera set up.  He was able to hack open a Panansonic DSLR so it has more than 3 x’s the bit rate of a Canon 5D Mark III.  The results have been impressive.

photo 4

Greg, Rich, Tom and Ben went out into the West Desert to do some testing of our Feature Film we are producing, the footage really is spectacular.  Tom was the Pilot, Greg remotely controlled the Camera, Rich was the talent, and Ben made sure they did everything right for the 3D Animations to add in later.

photo 5-2

They even did some night shoot work, Epic cameras in the right hands can be a dangerous thing.

photo 2-2

so can some Universal shells.  Hopefully one day we can show you the results….

Mr. Olpin Still has the moves

Mr. Steve Olpin came buy to pay us all a visit and since I recently procured a Long Board as a Wedding Anniversary Present, he decided to show us his moves.  Videography supplied by Mr. Richard Patch.  We were all impressed by Steve’s circa 1973 board skills.  Just imagine “Ramblin Man” from the Allman Brothers is playing in the background.


Cosmic Has a Blog

Cosmic Team

We were advised that having a blog will make us cool and more desirable.  Honestly though, what could be more desirable than Greg in our past Christmas card.  Makes me want to run home and watch Smokey and the Bandit.  Wait, I think the Bandit drove a Trans Am, a Shelby is much cooler than that, so never mind.

The plan is for us to share bits and pieces of our Cosmic Life and things we think are cool, excited about, and want to share.  We’ll see how it goes.